Dhedah’s Layered Alsatian Charcuterie

Alsatian Charcuterie6

Today is Dhedah’s (AKA Grandmother Glyn) opportunity to prepare a Sunday evening supper which I know will be a real crowd-pleaser with the family. It’s a slow cooked meat, sauerkraut and potato casserole that my Wisconsin born grandsons will demolish. If you don’t have hungry young men to feed, this is also a great way feed the neighborhood. Serve it with a vinegary cucumber tomato salad, mustard and a selection of pickles to add some balance.

Not low-calorie — but fairly low-carb if you skip to potatoes — but that would be an unforgivable act so far as my grandsons are concerned.

Alsatian Charcuterie1

2 oz thick slices bacon
2 lb. bone-in country pork ribs cut in 3 inch pieces
1 lb sliced onion
1 tbsp sliced garlic
1 lb skinless kielbasa, cut in 4 inch pieces
1 lb bratwurst, halved
10 oz smoked mini cocktail sausages
3 lbs sauerkraut, well-drained
3 lbs small red potatoes
2 tsp ground caraway seeds
salt and pepper to taste

1. In a large slow cooker with a searing function (I love my Ninja!) lightly brown the bacon. Remove the bacon and set aside. Drain and discard all but about 1 tbsp. of the bacon fat.

2. Meanwhile parboil the potatoes. Drain.

3. In the rendered bacon fat, lightly saute the ribs. Remove the ribs and set aside.

4. Add the onions and garlic and, and in the bacon fat, sauté until lightly browned.

5. Arrange the seared ribs over the onions and garlic. Top with half the sauerkraut. Season with half the ground caraway and salt and pepper to taste.

6. Arrange the brauts and kielbasa on the sauerkraut.

7. Top with the remaining saurkraut. Arrange the remaining mini sausages and browned bacon on top. Season with the remaining caraway seed, and salt and pepper to taste.

8. Arrange the parboiled potatoes around the edges of the casserole. Cover and slow cook for four to six hours on low.

9. Serve with spicy brown or dijon mustard, and a variety of pickles.

Alsatian Charcuterie3
Servings: 10

Cooking Times
Preparation Time: 1 hour
Cooking Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 5 hours

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1/10 of a recipe (18.9 ounces).

Nutrition Alsatian Charcuterie

Recipe Type: Gluten-Free, Main Dish, Meat, Potatoes, Pasta, and Grains

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