Advent Afternoons: Grilled Cheese on Wedgewood

Grilled Cheese on Wedgewood

I own two place settings of lovely “vintage” Wedgwood china, which I normally reserve for special events. Lately, however, I have begun to realize that saving things for special occasions most often means not using them at all…or at the least, being embarrassed at how few things I actually consider “special.”

So, yesterday we had our tomato soup and grilled cheese on Wedgwood Florentine. I don’t know that it tasted any better than it would have on the everyday dishes, but it accomplished what I intended – Tuesday in the First Week of Advent became a celebration.

Life is brimful of opportunities for grace and gratitude. Advent is a reminder that the days leading up to feasts and holidays are not to be shunted aside as moments “in the meantime.” For, it is precisely “in the meantime” that we live 99% of our lives. It’s where we expend most of our energy; and if we are not careful, it is where, by rationing love and joy, that we waste our most precious hours.

The Advent journey brings us to Christmas. And like any journey, it takes time and awareness. But Advent is part of, not separate from, Christmas. So “haul out the holly” or at least dust off the good dishes. Laugh, love, celebrate the now. Doing so will not diminish your appreciation for Christmas, it will help put things into perspective.

Peace and Blessings,


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