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It Is Enough for Us . . .

This site is dedicated to our belief that it is not only possible but essential that we live lives of simplicity and gratitude. Our own health, as well as that of future generations, and of planet Earth itself, is dependent upon our learning to celebrate that life while sharing the gifts with which we are so richly blessed.

Although Will and I are not Jewish (we are retired Episcopal clergy), we cherish the Hebrew Scriptures for their witness to God’s loving-kindness/chesed, abiding-presence/shekinah, and peace/shalom. In appreciation of that heritage, we have named our home Dayenu and are devoting our lives in retirement to sharing what we are calling “Dayenu Spirituality.” The word “Dayenu” is best known from a song used in Passover Seders. In that context, it means (roughly) “if God had only given us the smallest blessing, it would have been enough, but see how much more God has done for us.” Our understanding of Dayenu is based on these beliefs:

God is love and loves all that God has made.
Life is a gift from God and is to be celebrated.
The illusion of scarcity is a fearful lie and cripples our spirits.
Love overcomes fear.
God has provided enough.
Only when we share, is there enough to go around.
A life of gratitude and simplicity is abundant life.

We invite you to share this journey with us through this site. On these pages, you will find writings, meditations, recipes, family celebrations and liturgies as well as suggestions for how to bring a sense of Dayenu to your own life, including links to other sites and organizations dedicated to ending hunger, poverty and exploitation. All of this is freely offered to any who visit this site. In addition, we have an Etsy store through which you may choose to purchase books and hand-woven goods. Fifty percent of the profits from the store goes to the support of local agencies and charities addressing issues of rural hunger and poverty.


Visit the Library, Kitchen, Pantry and Weaving Room by following these links:

All Good Scriptorium   All Good Weaving   all good kitchen 3

                                 Library                                        Weaving Room                                      Kitchen

all good bread


In the Kitchen you will find recipes to help you feed your family, celebrate the seasons of the year, and observe festivals, and holy days.

In the Library you will find daily messages, seasonal meditations, poetry, and essays on subjects of spirituality.

In the Pantry you will find suggestions for incorporating Dayenu into your own life and links to sites and organizations working to address issues of poverty and hunger.

The weaving room is our sharing page for hand-wovens, vestments, clothing and textiles for the home, and our Online Etsy Marketplace: Ephods and Pomegranates.  (50% of all profits are donated to local agencies and charities addressing issues of rural hunger and poverty.


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to All Good Gifts

  1. Larry and I will miss you and hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the next “chapter” in your life. Your words of wisdom, faith and love have absolutely filled our daily lives. I will miss our “cup ‘o tea” but know that receiving your updates through All Good Gifts will keep us in touch with you. We send you our blessing and love, Joan & Larry Corr


  2. I am already deeply missing your morning devotionals but look forward to hearing updates through All Good Gifts. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, faith and love!


  3. I would like to receive posts from your spiritual insight through your web site.

    Thanks so much Mother Glynn

    Best wishes for your retirement.


  4. An exquisite site, sure to be loved and often visited by not only us, your loving soon-to-be erstwhile parish family, but by old and new friends alike. Bless you both. You are amazing. We’ll all dearly miss you, but will continue to feel we’re connected, through the worldwide web!


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