Dayenu Spirituality

A Spirituality of Enough

If God had only done one of the smallest of the many blessings done for us,
it would have been sufficient for us.

When we come to understand that we have “enough,”
then we will know that it is everything that we need.


This is our Spirituality for Living

Tree of Life 3

Life, Chai, is made a blessing by the intimate interaction
between God and ourselves.
It can be illustrated by the Tree of Life.

or God’s unconditional, undeserved, Steadfast Lovingkindness,
is the ground in which we live, in which we are rooted,
the spiritual nutrient of Life.

When we say “Dayenu, this is enough for us,”
we draw that Chesed up through the core of our being,
were it feeds and nourishes us,
body, soul, and spirit.

is the Fruit produced in us by this spiritual nourishment:
peace, wholeness, health, completeness.

Chesed – Dayenu – Shalom

Dayenu Cover

“Dayenu” – Our home in the mountains of Tennessee.

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