Breathe on me breath of God


Yesterday the rains finally Arrived.  The first few weeks of August had been hot and still.  The stifling heat and  humidity on the plateau were often overwhelming.  Even the birds and insects seemed to move about as little as possible.  The mood had been so pronounced that yesterday’s rain felt as though the humidity had finally tired of holding itself in suspension in the air and was simply falling to the ground.

Today’s rain is different.  It carries a sense of purpose.   It falls with force and intention, alternately rinsing the dust from the ground, and washing the lingering mist from the air.  It’s wonderful.  In fact, there is even something glorious about it.  Because along with the moisture and the coolness, there is a breeze…a breeze that is so gentle and yet so insistent as to be soul-renewing.  It reminds that the doldrums are not permanent, and promises that autumn will come.  We are not trapped forever in the incapacitating heat of August.

How often our spirits feel that way!  Stuck, barely aware of our surroundings, and moving only when absolutely necessary. Until the breath of God stirs and awakens us from our torpor.  In those moments we feel alive again.   We become aware of hope that has evaded us and possibilities which seem to have been too weighty to engage us.  It is as though the breath of God, like rain, washes us clean and fills to overflowing the recently stagnant cisterns of our souls.

May you know the power of the waters of life this day.  May you feel the renewed strength of hope and purpose.  May your thirst be quenched, your body renewed and you spirit empowered for love.

Dayenu, Glyn

This entry was posted by Glyn Ruppe-Melnyk.

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