A Wet Week Means a New Weaving Pattern

Fog on the Mountain

Around here folks are fond of saying “Fog Happens”. It certainly does, but it is also quite lovely while it’s happening so long as you can either stay home or still see where you’re going. In the winter, the fog freezes on the evergreens, but in the summer, as now, the scene is reminiscent of the primordial wood. So, When it’s too wet to take the canoe out, and the fog comes rolling in, it’s time to take inspiration from your surroundings and design a new pattern. So, we are happy to introduce our latest fabric for shawls, “Fog on the Mountain.”

Fog on the Mountain Pattern

Inspired by this photo from our front porch, the fabric is on the loom as we speak and 2 shawls are nearly done. They will be 18″ x 66″ and are priced at $175 each. Call or email us for additional information or to place an order. Glyn

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