Morgan’s Steep Tartan Scarves

Morgan's Steep New

Morgan’s Steep Tartan from Ephods & Pomegranates is about to go on the loom for some great Fall/Winter scarves!

The legend at Sewanee, delightful though fully debunked, is that Morgan’s Steep is named for a Confederate General who road his horse off it rather than be captured by Union forces.  True, Sewanee has many place names derived from its place in the Civil War.  But, while General Morgan’s ghost may yet haunt the bluffs around the campus, he did not die at Morgan’s Steep, nor is the picturesque cliff overlooking Cowan and Winchester named for him.  Here is one account more likely historical:


Our Tartan is made up of Purple for Sewanee, Gold for the beautiful sunsets seen from the rock, Black for the dark nights that fall over the bluffs, and Green for the lush woodlands of the Domain, now an intentional arboretum.

More pictures of the Morgan’s Steep Tartan Scarf will be coming soon.

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