The Dear, Dear Heartache

Quiet is one of the most profound Gifts of God, and the soft wind in the trees.  This was first posted on my old blog, Holy Manna, as we were getting ready to move to Dayenu in the forests of Tennessee . . .

dayenu fog

Darkling Skies at Dayenu

Beatific Vision Among the Trees

Rain, drifting from the darkling skies
as if sifting through porous clouds,
the soft wind a chorus of autumn trees
that rise in common voice
to herald an ending of a day and year,
as darkness of the night and season draw near;
Sensibility, not reason, heeds their quiet song,
the dear heartache that longs
to leave the clutches of a busy world,
love and laughter to forsake –
quieter liaisons to make.

(C) Will Melnyk, Autumn 2012

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3 thoughts on “The Dear, Dear Heartache

    • Thanks so much, Christine. Good to hear from you. I just revisited your blog and will have to visit more often now that I have the leisure to do so. I am impressed by how wonderfully it has grown!

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