The Best Good News Ever

women at tomb

The Women at the Tomb

While we are rebuilding our site (to be up mid-June) please enjoy some of our older posts for the season of Easter.  

Easter 2014 – Easter Monday 2015

Suddenly Jesus met Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and said, “Greetings!” (Matthew 28:9)

Dear Friends,

What a master of understatement! In Matthew’s account of Jesus’ first post-Resurrection appearance, the risen Christ’s first words are the first century equivalent of “Hello!” It is almost as if he is demonstrating that his being back with them is the most normal and ordinary thing in the world. “What’s with the surprised faces? I told you I’d be here, and here I am.”

And he had told them, repeatedly, that he would return. In fact, these women had just left the empty tomb where the angels had told them that Jesus was risen from the dead.

But they were surprised and terrified as well. And who wouldn’t be? Resurrection is just about the most profound reversal of human life and expectation that any of us can imagine. If death is truly overcome, then life is truly affirmed. And if life is truly affirmed, then we must experience life differently. It is no longer something that has a beginning, middle and end. Life is eternal. It is abundant, full, and forever. And while we may find it interesting to think or talk about, actually being physically, viscerally confronted by the reality of eternal life is a mind-blowing experience.

It’s also about the best possible news that we could ever receive. And it is true.

So believe it, celebrate it! Rejoice with the abandon of King David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant. Sing with the hosts of heaven. Feast with the Saints of God.

Jesus says to us, “Hello! Greetings!” And we say in response, “Wow! Alleluia!!!”

In the love and peace of Christ,

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