Penne with Peas and Asparagus


If you have time to boil pasta, you have time to make this scrumptious spring-time entrée. It’s bright green, and filled with crunchy texture and the bright savory taste of herbs. Another good reason to have a stash of frozen pesto cubes in the freezer! ~ Glyn

Penne with Peas and Asparagus (serves 2)

4 oz penne (I used De Boles Rice Penne)
3 cubes frozen pesto or ¼ c prepared pesto (omit the parmesan for a vegan pesto)
6 slender stalks of asparagus
½ c frozen petite peas

Boil the water, and salt generously. Add the pasta and cook as directed on the package.
While the pasta cooks, thaw or heat the pesto.
Chop the asparagus into ½ inch pieces.
At three minutes left in cooking the penne, stir the asparagus and the peas into the boiling pasta.
When the penne is al dente, drain and return to the pan.
Add the pesto, and stir to coat thoroughly.
Serve at once.

This entry was posted by Glyn Ruppe-Melnyk.

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