The Schnoodle Goes Vegan, Day 3

Rudy Vegan Rudy is now in his third day of Vegan Doggie Food, and doing great.

Keys to success:

Meals are wet, not kibble

A couple of crunchy treats a day help keep teeth clean

Lots of water always available in both upstairs and downstairs bowls

Be ready to take him outside when he says he’s ready to go – increased fiber is a challenge as well as a blessing, as with all of us

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2 thoughts on “The Schnoodle Goes Vegan, Day 3

  1. Speaking of fiber… How are you doing? We already didn’t eat much meat… But some super high fiber meals, like the FoK pea soup (wonderful) … It was a little rough. I’m finding the need to stagger meals. If we have a chickpea curry, the next night we can’t do a bean dish again.


    • It’s good to ease into the fiber. Too much at first can cause a good bit of bloating and gas. Use a little more vinegar than usual (say in a salad, or in the beans.) That can help. And eventually you’ll get used to it. Good luck!


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