The Schnoodle Goes Vegan

rudybutSo with Glyn and Will going Vegan, could the Schnoodle be far behind?   They fed me my first Vegan meal for din-din tonight and – Wow! – absolutely fab!

It’s a commercial concoction, so I won’t reveal the name, but here’s what it’s made from:  brown rice, cracked barley, oatmeal, canola oil, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, parsley, cranberries, and all kinds of vitamin supplements, including that neat B-12.

Gobbled it right down, I did, and licked the bowl clean.  And went back a minute later hoping there still might be some left ~ there wasn’t.  (Of course, I also love arugula.)

Here’s the thing:  If we’re not going to eat rudy3 then why should we eat calf???  And this Vegan stuff has all the nutrients I need!

From now on this is one Vegan puppy!

~ Rudy the Schnoodle

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