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Here in the Pantry, we have collected links to agencies and charities which work for the eradication of hunger and poverty. There are also suggestions for things that you and your family can do together at the local level to help others and to bring the Spirit of Dayenu into your lives.

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And Closer To Home:

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Suggested Activities:

1.  Once a month, go grocery shopping as a family. Use two carts and as far as you are able, fill each cart with comparable, no perishable items to take to your local food pantry. Have them bagged separately and make a stop on the way home to drop them off either at the pantry or one of its collection points.

2.  Have a “Hunger Jar” (piggy bank, alms box or bowl etc) in a prominent place in the house. We have one in the laundry room, and another in the kitchen. Fill it with loose change, thank-offerings, and/or money from the sofa cushions or laundry. When it is full, decide as a family where to send the money.  We have a “Tzedakah (Charity) Box” on a shelf in the dining room, into which we place a coin before each meal, or whenever we pass by.

Please share your comments with us . . .

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