The Blogging Station

The Blogging Station

The Blogging Station

So, one day you go to the movies to see “Julie and Julia” and decide that just like the main character, you love cooking so much that you want to share the experience with the world wide web. You find and set up an account. One afternoon later, you’re blogging! Well, not quite. It’s a long and slippery slope from there to here.


DSCN1579    DSCN1576

Because, you know you don’t become a serious foodie and food blogger until you’ve abandoned your home office to move your computer, camera and peripherals to the kitchen. With all that stuff in the kitchen you run out of counter and cabinet space and have to redecorate to accommodate the dishes you need for staging the photos.

DSCN1575    DSCN1580

Then you realize that you can’t possibly cook and photograph in this environment, so you have a wall moved and a pocket door put in. Then you have to paint so why not change the colors? And the lighting? Good grief — the house is 18th century, but the lighting doesn’t have to be! Eventually you discover that you REALLY need a more accurate blogosphere image, a new name for the site and a different web domain. Most of all, you need a designated stand-up blogging station — which requires hours of IT work, and multiple trips the lighting store, Home Depot and the unassembled furniture shop. Not to mention annoying the Schnoodle and using up all your “honey-do chips” in one weekend. (Thank you, Will, for building an awesome blogging station to my exact height requirements!!)

DSCN1576    DSCN1577

But, at last you are finished, and the dust in the kitchen/studio/office lab is nearly settled. Et Voila! Now it’ time to start some serious food blogging!





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