Feed the Hungry

When we discover that the food we eat, and how we obtain it, is a spiritual issue as well as an economic or gastronomic issue, the next step is realizing the ethical and moral obligation we have to our hungry sisters and brothers, the creatures of the world that become food, and stewardship of our ecosystem.

This seems to work for us: As we simplify our diet and our lifestyle, some of what we save needs to be given to those less fortunate  than we are.

We are enthusiastic supporters of the West Chester Food Cupboard

Wherever you are in the world, perhaps you could visit them and make a generous donation.  Or support your local cupboard.

West Chester Food Cupboard

West Chester Food Cupboard

“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.” – Bono

Ending hunger is a goal that can only be done through collaborative effort. As an individual, business, school, community or faith-based group, YOU can be a vital part of the solution. Your gift will provide immediate resources that can be used by families in our community.

One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that, together, we CAN make a difference.

If you enjoy the recipes we share here, please share that joy by helping to feed the hungry poor.

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