Welcome to All Good Gifts

Visit the Library, Weaving Room and Kitchen by following these links:

All Good Scriptorium   All Good Weaving   all good kitchen 3

                                 Library**                                       Weaving Room***                                   Kitchen*


*In the Kitchen you will find recipes to help you feed your family, celebrate the seasons of the year, and observe saints’ days, festivals, and holy days.

**In the Library you will find daily messages, seasonal meditations, poetry, and essays on subjects of spirituality.

***The weaving room is our sharing page for hand-wovens, vestments, clothing and textiles for the home,
and our Online Etsy Marketplace: Ephods and Pomegranates.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to All Good Gifts

  1. An exquisite site, sure to be loved and often visited by not only us, your loving soon-to-be erstwhile parish family, but by old and new friends alike. Bless you both. You are amazing. We’ll all dearly miss you, but will continue to feel we’re connected, through the worldwide web!


  2. I would like to receive posts from your spiritual insight through your web site.

    Thanks so much Mother Glynn

    Best wishes for your retirement.


  3. I am already deeply missing your morning devotionals but look forward to hearing updates through All Good Gifts. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, faith and love!


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